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Foodbank Is Fab

We recently heard that the Foodbank looking after people in Pontyclun, Miskin and Talbot Green needed some more support and so we have pledged that 10% of any work we do for businesses in these areas will go to the Foodbank.

We’re in good company on this as, just looking at their Facebook page, Welsh Water had donated £8,000 and B&M in Bridgend had donated goods to the value of £1,500.

Hats off to all those who volunteer, the public and companies who give, and the Bethel Baptist Church for being home to such a brilliant charitable organisation.

Here’s the link to their Facebook page:

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Killing With Kindness

We like horses. We don’t own one, we just like them – especially when they’re alive. So when we read really sad stories by owners who’ve had their horse poisoned by well meaning members of public, or just people being ignorant and inconsiderate, that upsets us.

If you are out walking, resist the temptation to feed them. More often than not they are fine. You could end up feeding them something that could do them a lot of harm.

If you’re a dog owner, like us, take your black poo bags home. We read a heartbreaking account recently where two horses, when autopsied, were found to have tons of black poo bags in their stomachs (apparently they are attracted to some of the ingredients in dog food that get passed through). Please take your poo bags home or dispose of them carefully.

Pay No Interest

Seriously. Our special #LockdownLeaver offer means that you can have a beautiful new website designed and published, and pay monthly over two or three years with 0% interest.

So what are you waiting for? Get those little brain cells whirring. There’s never been a better time to unleash the entrepreneur in you.

This is a visual representation of your brain right now. Trying to think of a really brilliant idea. You know it is.


Speak Kindly

We love this lovely bit of artwork is on a wall in Splott, Cardiff. Part of a bigger piece, but it is thought provoking and the typography and illustration work perfectly together.

No idea who the artist is but we like it.

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