About Cog

We’re a full-service creative agency working with clients across the UK.
We’re working on a ton of projects and no, we don’t have a ball pit.


Planning & Strategy

We believe the best results come from proactive planning rather than reactive knee jerking. We work with clients to create affordable, effective advertising and communication strategies.

Branding & Design

Branding is about brand values. We work with clients to help develop not only their visual communication but also their interactive strategy – how they communicate and serve their customers.

Web Design & Development

We’ve been designing and building websites since the early days. There’s not much we don’t know. Whether it’s a simple brochure site or blog, to a full ecommerce shop site, we’re always whirring.


App Design & Development

For the vast majority of businesses an app is a pointless and expensive indulgence. We can design them but we’re not in the business of selling clients apps that will never be downloaded or used.

Social Media Marketing

We create effective and engaging content for our clients across the three main social platforms. We can train clients to get the best out of their interaction with both existing and potential customers.

Print Media

Print is making a comeback. It’s like vinyl. When they’re ignoring your emails, a well aimed brochure or piece of direct mail can evoke a positive emotional response from even the hardest-nosed potential client.

Copywriting & PR

PR is an art, but most PR companies are excruciatingly lazy. PR is not blunderbussing boring press releases to every journalist in the hope one sticks. That’s not good PR. If that’s what you’re getting, please call us.

Photography & Imagery

Great images and good photography are one of the best investments any business can make when it comes to marketing. We buy with our eyes – every day. Cog creates beautiful engaging imagery. We just do.

Signage, Livery & Exhibitions

Signage is your brand reinforced; and, usually, in a nice way. Signage isn’t cheap so it had better be working for you. Your sign, your vehicle(s) and, if you’re exhibiting, your display material needs to be top notch.

We don’t go for all that ball pit, pool table stuff. It might be “design environment” for some consultancies but it’s not for us. We love design; typography turns us on; illustration and great imagery stirs our souls; and great copy moves and inspires us.

We don’t need gimmicks to motivate us or put us in the right frame of mind.

We’re Cog. We’re creative.



Our Work

You won’t find lots of recent work on here. Simply because it’s a free database for competitors
who will just bombard our clients with calls, emails and mostly, unwanted, pointless, designery, gifts.

If you want to see some samples (and we’d love the opportunity to show you some),
email us or call us and we can arrange something.


Our Blog

We write often about things that intrigue us and good design.

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Growing Clients

Some lovely things our clients have to say about us…


Connect With Cog

You can email us, fill in a form here,
or direct message through Facebook.

However, we can be a little old school,
so if you fancy a chat and a cuppa,
that’s music to our ears.